Terms and Conditions

All Booking Contracts are made with Italian Town and Country, acting as booking agents for apartment and villa owners in Italy. These Terms and Conditions are binding on all booking contracts, and are incorporated by reference therein.

1. Booking: All bookings require a deposit of 50 percent of the entire stay at the time of booking, along with a one-time reservation fee of $50.00. No contract is deemed to exist between Italian Town and Country, and the booking party until the deposit and the signed booking confirmation are received. Italian Town and Country reserves the right to refuse booking at our discretion. Deposits are non-refundable, and the booking party is encouraged to purchase trip cancellation insurance.

2. Balance of Payment due: The balance of the rental price is due no later than ten weeks prior to your stay. If the balance is not received by the due date Italian Town and Country  shall be entitled to cancel the booking, to assess cancellation charges, and to retain the deposit in full. If the booking has been made within ten weeks of the designated rentals, that the full balance is due upon booking.

3. Alterations and Cancellations By the Booking Party: If the booking party chooses to alter the dates of the booking, the alterations will be treated as a new booking. Your deposit may be subject to forfeiture, or other charges may be assessed to accommodate the alterations. If the booking party cancels the reservation more than ten weeks prior to the reservation date, the full deposit shall be subject to forfeiture. If the booking party cancels within ten weeks of the arrival date, then Italian Town and Country will be entitled to retain the full booking price of the reservation.

4. Alterations and Cancellations By Italian Town and Country: In the event it is necessary for Italian Town and Country  to alter booking arrangements, and the reasons for the alterations are outside of the control of Italian Town and Country, then Italian Town and Country  reserves the right to transfer the booking party to a similar property. If transfer to a similar property is not possible, or if a booking party does not wish to transfer, Italian Town and Country will cancel the booking and refund the amount paid in full. Notice of alterations will be sent to the booking party at the earliest possible date.

5. Booking information: The number of persons in the booking party, the arrival date and time, and the departure date and time may not be altered without notice to Italian Town and Country, as is detailed in paragraph 3 of the terms and conditions, charges and assessment may apply to any alterations.

6. Security Deposits: Security deposits are due at every property booked. This deposit covers the cost of any damage or breakage to the property and/or its contents during your stay. This deposit, minus any claims or charges, shall be returned to you on your date of departure from the property. The booking party is responsible for insuring that the property is left upon departure in the same condition of cleanliness and repair as upon arrival.

7. Utilities and Extras: All extras payable by the booking party will be specified in your booking confirmation. Any extras, utilities, telephone, or other charges are due upon departure and shall be paid in the local currency.

8. Liability: The booking party acknowledges that Italian Town and Country does not own any rental accommodations and undertakes only to act as agent for the property owner. Italian Town and Country , shall not be responsible for or liable for any accidents, loss, damage, injury, or inconvenience arising from the rental booking, except insofar as the occurrence is caused by the direct negligence and indemnity of Italian Town and Country . You and your booking party hold Italian Town and Country harmless from it against any and all liability arising out of, or connected in any way with your use and occupancy of the property. All claims of accident, loss, damage, injury, or inconvenience are acknowledged to be solely between you (the booking party) and the owner of the property. Italian Town and Country does not accept liability for any loss or damage caused by weather, riot, strikes, sickness, or any cause or condition beyond its control.

9. Promotional information: The description in our listings is made in good faith. However, Italian Town and Country declines responsibility for any modifications made by the property owner/manager without our knowledge. We also do not accept responsibility for the breakdown or failure to supply utilities and other essential services.

10. Complaints: Should any problem occur with the property, the booking party must immediately (within 24 hours) notify the property owner or manager. The booking party should also inform Italian Town and Country of the problem within 48 hours if the problem is not remedied. The booking party should allow the owner or manager reasonable time to remedy the problem, or to find a suitable replacement property. Vacating the property without Italian Town and Country authorization does not constitute an adequate cause for a refund. The booking party is responsible for informing Italian Town and Country of any complaint and allowing it a reasonable opportunity to remedy the problem during the rental period; failure to do so will void any claim following the rental period.

11. Behavior: The person signing the Booking Contract is responsible for the lawful and decent behavior of his/her party. Should the booking party behave in such a manner that is unacceptable by civilized standards, the property owner/manager has the right to demand the party vacate the premises. Any such refusal of continued service by the owner/manager shall be deemed a cancellation by the Booking Party, and all sums paid by Booking Party, charges, and assessments shall be retained.

12. Jurisdiction, Venue & choice of Law: Italian Town and Country, and the booking party who created this contract shall be governed by the law of the State of Washington, USA, and the exclusive jurisdiction of any dispute between Italian Town and Country and the booking party shall be in the Superior Court of King County, located in Seattle Washington, USA.

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