Tuscany with children

Tuscany is going to become your favorite family holiday destination. Once you are here, you will understand why: this land is a perfect blend of tasty food, friendly people, world famous art, gorgeous mountains and beautiful sea…

If you are traveling with kids and looking for something special to do, while still exploring the most beautiful places of Tuscany, here are some ideas that every member of your family is going to enjoy…

The whole family will find it more relaxing to be in the country with day trips to different cities and towns in Tuscany. The best and most economical way to explore Tuscany is to rent  , a house or a villa (depending on the size of your family) in Tuscan countryside.

If you’re traveling with children and they are looking for a break from all the museums and galleries you may have on your itinerary here are a few suggestions which will delight and occupy the younger members of the family…


Florence with kids

The capital of Renaissance art is going to become the highlight of the whole trip. You can choose to tour it by horse and carriage to make your kids scream from happiness.

Uffizi Gallery is the number one destination In Florence. The first thing to avoid here is a long line with impatient children, so book your tickets in advance.

After strolling around in the central, paved streets of Florence, you can stop in Piazza della Repubblica, one of the hubs of the city centre, and take one or more rides on the antique carousel in the square. The young travelers’ can take a break from sightseeing and have a lot of fun.

A walk around the Boboli Gardens is another thing that most children like to do, they can run through the mazes and up and down the complex path ways, there are plenty of diverting fountains and hide and seek opportunities. You will be able to enjoy the gorgeous renaissance landscape architecture. The views back over the city are well worth the climb.


Pisa with kids

Pisa is such a little town, that if you have the whole day to visit it, you can easily walk all around. Piazza dei Miracoli may be the most beautiful spot in Pisa (kids will have fun running freely around, especially if they get to climb on the top of the leaning tower), but there are many other “secret” beauties you can find.

Try to walk from the leaning tower in via Santa Maria, visit for free the beautiful Botanical Garden (open in the morning), then go through the Piazza dei Cavalieri to the Borgo Stretto and Piazza Garibaldi, visit Piazza delle Vettovaglie.

Walk along the river on Lungarno Mediceo, pass Museo di San Matteo and cross the bridge “Ponte della Fortezza” to see the Giardino Scotto, walk then back along the other side of the river (Lungarno Galilei & Lungarno Gambacorti) to the amazing Santa Maria della Spina church, and the San Paolo a Ripa d’Arno Church.

Then Cross the ponte della Cittadella and admire the old Torre Guelfa (try to go up this tower if you have got time, you will have amazing views over Pisa and also see the Leaning tower and Piazza dei Miracoli from above).. then walk back on the Lungarno Simonelli and see the old historical buildings by the river.



Lucca with kids

You are going to remember this one of the most beautiful historical cities which dates back to the Romans), but now is better known for the Renaissance walls running around the city and topped by centenary linden trees.

The most unusual way to explore the city is to go bike riding atop the city walls of Lucca (enter at Porta Santa Maria). Every member of the family can get on a bike and cycle the walls of Lucca. There are bikes for all age groups and in addition you can hire tandems, rickshaws and even an electric bike. Children will love it because they will be safe and free to move on the large bastions while you will be able to admire the historical magnificence of this city along 4 km circuit.  Walls have many get in/out paths so that you can make for the desired place anytime you wish. Lucca city centre is a limited traffic area, which makes it even safer for children.

Don’t miss Via Fillungo, San Frediano Church, San Michele in Foro Church, Piazza Anfiteatro, Guinigi and Clock towers.




Siena with kids

This beautiful Tuscan town with the unique square famous in the whole world for its beauty will become your favorite destination in Tuscany. Siena has a fantastic bell tower that everyone will love climbing up, it gives you a wonderful over view of this walled medieval city and burns off a lot of steam.

Younger children will be amused for hours chasing the pigeons in the Piazza del Campo below whilst their parents take a leisurely coffee or glass of wine at the tables that border the square.

Il Museo del Bosco, (The Museum of the Woods); is a collection of materials and stories from the people who used to live in the nearby woodland 40 years ago. An ethnographic museum which includes walks and trails to discover more, as well as the animals and vegetation of the forest.

Pinocchio Park – Collodi

Another great place to visit is the Pinocchio Park, dedicated to the Tuscan born puppet, situated in a small town of Collodi. Not everybody knows that the inventor of Pinocchio was not Disney, but a Tuscan writer called Carlo Collodi, and his book “The Adventures of Pinocchio” was translated into more than a dozen of languages. Apart from a great day spent outdoors, your kids will enjoy many activities, such as puppet-making workshops, literary itinerary, exhibitions of art and illustrations. In the park you will also find beautiful historic gardens and a butterfly house.